Anthony Scala Background

Anthony Scala is a glass artist specialising in precision construction, and lamination techniques, combined to create breathtaking refractive sculptures.

'My inspiration is drawn from the optical effects glass and light can induce upon one another, and in turn, how these shifting qualities can manipulate the perceived image of an object. Through them it is possible to create objects in which the laws of light, shadow, and reflection combine in ways only nature can dictate, thereby allowing us a tantalising yet transitory glimpse of refractive creations forever beyond our grasp'.

Initially trained as an architectural model maker, Anthony's work shares a synergy with those aesthetics so prevalent in present day architecture .

In 1999, Anthony became the protege of eminent glass artist Peter Layton. Under his guidance, Anthony became a competent glass blower in his own right. However, it was glass cold working for which he showed a real aptitude.

In 2005 at the age of 27, Anthony won the prestigious 'Glass Sellers Award' (other recipients include Alison Kinnard, Colin Reid, Richard Jackson, and Bob Crooks) making him the youngest ever recipient of the Glass Sellers main prize.

Over the years, Anthony's portfolio of projects has consistently demonstrated meticulous attention to detail, as well as a unique lateral approach.

Anthony has come to be regarded as one of the leading UK practitioners in this specialist field through his use of precise, and innovative techniques. The culmination being elegant creations which both impact and merge with their surroundings.

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Anthony Scala - In the workshop
'Model making is predominantly about problem solving. You quickly learn that the most obvious solution to a problem is not always the correct avenue to take. As an artist, my model making training has proved invaluable, as it has given me a unique perspective from which to approach my work both in hot, and cold glass, not to mention the discipline and patience needed for the sheer time scale many of my projects require'.